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Things you need to know

Our business objective is to provide you with high quality pet transport solutions, while trying to find the most cost effective options available to you.

We regularly assist rescue groups, multipet families, and clients who have issues being able to fly themselves, find a solution to their pet transport requirements.  We strive to balance cost effectiveness with excellent animal welfare, to ensure your pet is healthy and happy throughout their transportation experience.


Our principles

Quality Guarantee

Whilst in our care, we treat your pets with the same level of love and responsibility as if they were our own.  This results in relaxed, happy and healthy pets when they arrive at their destination.

Expert Advice

We've personally flown our own pets ourselves all over the world, plus assisted hundreds of clients globally move their own pets, so when we provide advice we know exactly how are clients feel and strive to allay any fears sharing as much personal experience as possible.  We believe sharing knowledge is confidence building for pet owners worldwide.

Legislation Help

We are always happy to check your pets paperwork free of charge prior to transportation to ensure your local vet has completed documentation correctly, or that vaccinations or blood tests are valid.  As we have crossed country borders hundreds of times we know what small things officials look for, or common errors that veterinary professionals can make.

Competitive Prices

We will always try to give you a range of price or travel options, to fit your budget or requirements  

Be honest with your budget and what you want to do and we will can tell you what options may be best for you.

Who we are

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